Rubber Spray Solutions are part of the Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBC)    An elite professional basement waterproofing contractor who work in partnership with  Newton Waterproofing Systems to provide the specifier and their clients with the highest quality products, design and installation available in all aspects of domestic and commercial basement waterproofing

Key Benefits

  • Fully bonded seamless membrane

  • Very flexible (1,100% elasticity with 95% memory) and so can easily deal with movement and settlement

  • No primer required

  • Very quick to apply – up to 1000m2 per day

  • Cost efficient – Low price of the membrane coupled with high application rates = very low installed rate per square metre

  • Solvent free, non-toxic and odourless

  • Non-flammable – No VOCs

BDA approved drainage membranes for walls and floors




Type A Waterproofing

Rubber spray repaired commercial roof

An existing basement will require waterproofing to comply with the British Standard for the Protection of Structures Against Water From the Ground (BS8102:2009). Rubber Spray Solutions uses Type A Waterproofing  which  is the recommended solution and complies with these requirements. The system comprises a range of BDA certified Cavity Drain Membranes and the associated drainage and ancillary products.

RSS Liquid Rubber gives the freedom to waterproof and seal difficult shapes and corners with a seamless barrier

No open flame or hot liquids are required during application allowing use in environments with high health and saftey regulations and strict building codes.

RSS Liquid Rubber is an extremely versatile product available in a variety of grades to meet most waterproofing situations.

Type A Waterproofing

BDA Approved contractors

Maintainable basement waterproofing solution, compliant to BS8102, .