RSS Liquid Rubber

RSS Liquid rubber is the ideal solution to all you waterproofing needs.

RSS liquid rubber roofing repair
RSS leaking roof repair with spray rubber

Need to provide a waterproof seal around an unusual shape or where pipes penetrate wood, metal or concrete surfaces? Then RSS Liquid Rubber is the solution.


A solvent free product applied using an airless spray system, roller or brush.


Ideal for use both inside and outside with its built in UV-resistance it will not be effected by the sun.


RSS Liquid Rubber is applied at ambient temperatures without the need for hot liquids or open flames. This allows for the product to be used in enviroments with strick health and safety or building codes.


This environmentally friendly product adheres strongly to most substrates so can be used in a huge range of situations that require a seamless waterproof barrier.

Prefect for use on foundation walls which require a product with the flexibility and elasticity to resist cracking due to structural movement.