RSS Liquid Rubber is the ideal roofing membrane for your domestic or commercial roofing project. Whether you have a leaky flat roof in need of repair or want to encapsulate your asbestos roof, RSS Liquid Rubber is the Solution!




Roofing and guttering

Rubber spray repaired commercial roof

RSS Liquid Rubber is environmentally friendly.

RSS Liquid Rubber strongly adheres to concrete, wood, metal and most substrates.

RSS Liquid Rubber gives the freedom to waterproof and seal difficult shapes and corners with a seamless barrier

No open flame or hot liquids are required during application allowing use in environments with high health and saftey regulations and strict building codes.

RSS Liquid Rubber is an extremely versatile product available in a variety of grades to meet most waterproofing situations.

Leaking gutter?

Then you need our unique rubber based liquid membrane for sealing all metal, concrete and asbesto gutters. Contact our team to find out more.